Relatable Struggles At Work Summed Up By Hilarious Memes

Millennials in the workplace are facing overwhelming challenges and if you belong to this generation then you’re also probably expecting to work until you die. That’s the sad reality of life – but many millennials are still trying their best to humorize the dire situation they’re in, hoping it would make everything easier for them. This is why the Instagram account Corporate Millennial Anxiety was created to collect hilarious memes that represent the problems that resonate with working millennials in a comical way.

Student debt, housing costs, toxic job environment, and lower wages – the millennial generation is facing the worst economic odds unlike other generations before it. Many millennials are struggling financially that they would rather endure longer work hours and stagnant wages just to keep their heads above water. Combined with the surging cost of living, it becomes almost impossible for them to build wealth or invest in retirement as they could hardly pay their bills and debts. Considering all these economic, financial, and professional challenges, it’s no wonder most millennials feel burned out and depressed.


Funny And Relatable Memes That Sum Up The Challenges In The Millennial Workforce

Mental health issues related to job are one of the most serious concerns with millennials. Aiming at unburdening some of the stressors of this generation, digital creator Alane Rebecca created the Corporate Millennial Anxiety Instagram page dedicated to funny memes that sum up these struggles in the workplace. As a millennial herself, she understands that the best way to lessen the emotional burden is having someone to talk about these problems. Furthermore, realizing that you’re not the only with the same problem somehow makes you feel supported and less alone.

“I posted my very first meme on the Corporate Millennial Anxiety account on December 14th, 2020,”, Rebecca says. “The account was born out of a text conversation with one of my favorite coworkers. We were both adapting to working from home, to cope she and I would send each other funny work-related TikToks and memes.”



Greatly amused by the memes she sent, her coworker suggested that she should create an Instagram account compiling all these relatable memes. Rebecca willingly did so and that’s when it all started. With over 1200 posts and nearly 240k followers, the Instagram account continues to blow up as more and more millennials are starting to discover that comedy might be the best cure to their problems.



















































Source: Instagram