Little Lies Parents Tell Their Kids That Are Pure Genius

Whether it’s ‘the candy store is closed’ when you want to limit sweets for your kids or ‘storks deliver babies’ when you aren’t yet ready to explain how babies are made, most parents have to come up with lies as a tactic to change their behavior, end a public meltdown, or avoid an uncomfortable conversation. The idea of lying to your kids may sound harsh but it is sometimes the only way to deal with arguments or tantrums. While honesty is essential in building up your kid’s trust on you, it is sometimes acceptable to bend the truth especially if it helps you with discipline.

Santa Claus only gives presents to nice kids, we sent the family pet to your uncle’s farm, broccoli makes you taller – you’ve probably told these common lies to your kids at some point. It’s absolutely okay to engage in make-believe with your kids. So, telling them that Santa or Tooth Fairy exists is a harmless part of parenting. However, these brilliant parents didn’t just go with the stereotyped white lies that most parents tell their kids. They went above and beyond playing Pinocchio and were successful at it that these can be considered as clever parenting hacks.


Parents Share Their Clever ‘White’ Lies That Could Pass As Brilliant Parenting Hacks

These sharp-witted parents are more than willing to share their clever parenting tricks that are guaranteed to work. Of course, you can learn a trick or two from this hilarious Twitter thread. We’ve picked out the best and the funniest lies parents have told their kids that could pass as a handy parenting hack.