People Who Are Having The Worst Day of Their Life

Life is full of surprises. One day may be perfect and amazing, and the next could be the worst day of your life. That’s how unpredictable life is. So you need to be ready for whatever mishaps that can come your way. In this life, it’s always safe to expect the unexpected. But whenever you’re feeling down, just think that there are people out there who are having a worse day than you. Let’s take these unlucky people for example. We’ve collected photos of people who are having the worst day of their life.



Next time, try to drink without the helmet on.

Putting your face in front of the muffler wasn’t such a good idea.

And… there goes the pizza.

When you want to win at a soccer game so badly but you get easily defeated by a tree.

A thing of the past should always be put where it belongs – in the past.

This dad tried to look cool in front of his kids and it didn’t turn out well.

Bad days that will make you laugh or cry


This is the shelf telling you enough is enough. It can only handle so much.

When your phone is more eager to catch more fish than you are.

At least they had the best 2 days of their lives. Quite literally the worst day ever.

Having a sibling sucks.

They got what they deserve.

Okay, forget about cooking dinner! Let’s just order some pizza!

No, don’t tell me. I know where you went and I know what you did.

How hard is it to exit from a drive-thru?

Watching a baseball game can become chaotic. Ask the man in the green shirt. What bad luck!