Dark Humor Jokes That You’ll Feel Kind of Guilty for Laughing at

Life has a sense of humor and you are irrational if you take life too seriously. Of course, we all have our ups and downs through our journey. But if you can try to play along and laugh about your miseries, life becomes more pleasant. Take a hint from these people who can make dark humor out from their own mishaps. We have gathered the best just for you so lighten up and feel free to laugh your heart out.



We’re glad he isn’t hurt.

When a problem is too much to handle…

Tell your Mom to stop watching too much gory movies.

My perception of moles had totally changed.

Seems like someone is enjoying a warm and cozy nap.

Should I be offended by this?

Now we know the secret recipe.

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We want to see how the garbage collectors would react to this.

This refrigerator really hurts my feeling. Why so mean?

Some random guy suddenly becomes a mastermind to a heinous crime.

Leaving something for remembrance.

We also wish the same thing.

Thanks for letting me know.

I don’t think it works that way but at least it’s worth the try.

This man will help you look more popular at your funeral.