15 Funny Online Customer Reviews You Won’t Believe

Online shopping has become bigger over the past several years, and people rely hugely on online customer reviews before purchasing products. Buying online has gained a huge following, especially from very busy people. Purchasing online products and services are way more convenient to a lot of consumers. And to check whether a product is worth your money, reviews are important. Sometimes, the online customer reviews are so entertaining, it makes online shopping worth the time. These people are some of those geniuses who have written some hilarious product comments you will find.

More often than not, reading online customer reviews are necessary before buying anything online. Here we have funny online customer reviews you won’t believe. Maybe you can find inspiration from these masterpieces.


This inflatable beach ball is really something else.

When getting a slicer has its pros and cons.

When booking online doesn’t quite meet your expectations.

unfortunately no stars for an extremely comfy mattress.

When the sizing wasn’t how you expected.

When you spend more time playing computer games than being in the real world.

Products bought online and the funny comments about them


No need to worry about it, girls. This bag has got you covered.

When you hit two birds with one stone.

The bubble wrap is so important, obviously.

We’ll see about that, King Arthur.

When the alcohol you drank gave you an amazing imagination.

Don’t annoy your cat.

Online customer reviews at their finest. When you and your husband are the same size. Lol!

When you ran out of other solutions.

When you thought you paid $150 for an Ice Cream Sandwich.

When you try your best to communicate.

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