Unlucky People Who’ve Had Much Worse Luck Than You

We’ve all had days when everything seems going wrong and it wouldn’t stop getting worse. Unfortunate events just keep on coming one after the other and there’s nothing we can do about it. We all have that day; bad luck hits everyone with no exemptions. So the next time that you think you’re having the worst day of your life, remember that you’re not alone. Somewhere out there, someone is having much worse luck than you. The only way to survive a miserable day is to shrug it off with a sense of humor. We’ve collected some examples of unlucky people who’ve had more than their fair share of bad luck.


Failure at first attempt is tolerable, another failure at second attempt is disappointing. But failure at third attempt is extreme bad luck.

Pushing a glass door with your foot is not a good idea. One person learned a valuable lesson today.

There’s a reason why courtside tickets are so expensive. One of the perks is to get to see this guy’s back for the rest of the game.

A guy thought his roommate made cinnamon rolls and finger-scopped the cream. Later did he know that his roommate made bacon and the thing he ate was not he thought it was.

When you spend $300 dollars on a Stetson hat, make sure to keep it away from your dog.

What could be worse than falling through a ceiling?

This oven has had enough. I like how it says stop to those who are giving it a hard time.

Still having a bad day? I bet your bad lack has been nowhere near as bad as what these unlucky people are going through.


Of course, that would happen.

When a garbage truck’s press accidentally sprays paint on your newly-bought car.

When it rain, it pours. One unlucky household is having one terrible day.

I wonder who’s the victim here. The TV or the wall?

This bird destroyed a guy’s day by invading his bedroom, pooping everywhere, and knocking off everything. But still have the guts to smile after all the disasters it brought upon.

How are you going to handle this kind of a situation?

What are the odds of a porcupine falling from a tree right on your head?

When you look out the plane window and see this happening in the middle of the flight, you better start praying.