16 Hilarious And Cringeworthy Pick Up Lines

Cringy pick up lines have long been the subject of much hilarity and mockery. Yet the advent of swipe dating apps (in place of good old face-to-face social interaction) has somehow given people the guts to attempt more outlandish and ridiculous pick up lines than were ever known before. Like the 16 examples you’ll see below! Seriously, how do people come up with this stuff? Take a look!

Funny Pick Up Lines

This does sound like a pretty epic first date. It was a bold move mentioning bacon though, imagine if the recipient had been a vegetarian/vegan etc.

consuming crispiest of bacon while riding unicorns cringy pick up lines

So, what’s the verdict people? True story or elaborate pick up line? This story isn’t totally unbelievable, but we would definitely brand it far fetched. We do enjoy a pick up line with a story though, it shows a bit of effort has gone in to the thought process. However, we do wonder how many people received the same message!hey girl next door i got pulled over by a cop message

We like the fact that a snack break is included. Who doesn’t love a snack break!?

are you the SAT pick up line

Come on, sender. One good line and you think you’ve made it into Snapchat territory? Think again, sucker!

if your right leg was dinner and your left leg was lunch pick up line

We can’t say that we’re a fan of this one, at all. This inappropriate line sounds like something a teenager would come out with. Who is ever going to read this and think ‘wow, amazing’?! Certainly not anyone we know personally.

can you believe theres going to be 7 planets left soon

The funny thing about this one is, the guy sounds pretty serious. This is the kind of line where if the recipient is creeped out, the sender can play it off as a joke, but if they are intrigued, the sender would happily play the ‘game’!

shall we play lion pick up line

Sometimes, the world of dating is a confusing place. You’re often mislead, left hanging or not responded to at all. This is normal, unfortunately. However, you can simplify things like the guy below has! Get yourself a direct and straightforward answer with this handy system! However, do bear in mind, you may still be ignored.

reply 1 for casual reply 2 for a smoke session 3 for both 4 for neither

Lovely. Just what every man or woman wants to hear! Simply irresistible!

can i get in your pants

Yeah, we have to admit, we probably would have responded in the same way as this girl.

are you from japan cause im trying to get in japanties

We like Jack’s angle here. Sure, he’s trying his luck with something he probably says to numerous people, but it isn’t the most awful material we’ve ever seen. Find a girl who loves her eyebrows and she might just love this too .

wow this woman is beautiful and her eyebrow game is on point

You have to expect these ‘finish the lyric’ type conversations when random phrases are thrown at you in capital letters!

what is love ill let you know when i figure it out

Sometimes we just need to accept what we aren’t good at and go with it. However, giving things a go can be fun.

roses are red violets are blue im bad a poems

Whilst this is definitely over the top, this would be nice to hear when you’re in need of an ego boost!

your bosom should be worshiped by the hour, the minute, always

Sadly, we did not laugh at this one. Sorry Steve, better luck next time.

hope you like cheesy pick up lines fineapple

Isn’t level 10 not a very high level at all?

hey not to brag but i have a level 10 town hall on clash of clans

How do people come up with crazy stuff like this? Where do these cringy pick up lines come from?! Finally, who likes receiving things like this? We’re truly curious!

i would fight a pack of wild sea urchins in the handicap stall at a kfc

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