James Breakwell Is Back With Even More Hilarious Tweets Showing Conversations With His 4 Daughters

You may have seen a previous post of ours a while ago that showed various tweets made by a father of 4 daughters, James Breakwell. If you aren’t yet familiar with the family, you’re in for a treat. We love the honesty and transparency of James’ tweets, which makes them all the more amusing. It can’t be easy being outnumbered by 5 females of all different ages but James clearly takes it in his stride and has lots of fun with the awesome ladies in his life! Take a look below to see some of his new material! 

A tomato big and destructive enough that you need to hide from it would scare us too! 

Website: Twitter

Let’s hope the bearded men on TV never do anything bad! 

This is our excuse for eating birthday cake all throughout the year.

She makes a fair point, though.

Playing the parents off against each other. Clever child! 

Quick! Get the hose out! 

An awesome lightsaber if we do say so ourselves. 

Together, they can ensure that they both stay in business. 

We would like to hear her answer on ‘how to be really nice to others’…

If enough people make the switch, this could turn in to something! 

The best comeback for the situation…

A good attitude for life, not such a great attitude for watching films!

We’re kicking ourselves for never thinking about this before…

We just love how honest kids are. 

We can’t wait to see what other things James’ daughters come out with as they grow older. Even now at such young ages, they are all so wise, opinionated and hilarious! They really are a credit to James and his wife. We also think that it’s lovely that when the girls are older they can look back through their dad’s Twitter account and read some of the amusing things that were said throughout their childhoods. It will be like looking through a photo album but with words! Keep going to see even more amusing tweets!

And the second! 

The stuff that kids come out with sometimes can be absolutely terrifying. 

Remember how when you were a child getting letters was an exciting thing?

Why else would they have the spin capabilities?

When a 6 year old blows your mind…

Bow down, dad. 

Sharing is extra hard when it comes to imaginary things. 

We’re picturing this, we bet the dog wasn’t happy!

Good try, little one! 

We feel her pain. Food is life. 

It’s a sad moment when your kid out smarts you…

Don’t worry James, there are many other people in your position! 

Isn’t it so annoying when kids use your own words against you?

You should have known better, dad!