17 Hilarious Grandparents Using Technology The Only Way They Know How

Grandparents using technology can make your day seem oh so better. Year by year, technology is constantly evolving, and people are also continuously upgrading their technological devices. Since technology can’t really be stopped, some of our grandparents have no choice but to also adjust to what’s going on in the current year. We have to teach our grandparents how to use smartphones, tablets, and such, but we can’t control how they want to use them. Let’s see how grandparents make use of technology!

This is what happens when people reply too long to your text messages.

Using computers the wrong way

I can only imagine how frustrating this had been for grandma when the cursor was moving backwards.

You can’t blame your grandparents when they would mistake a scientific calculator for a cellphone.

Even grandparents struggle with fitting in.

This is what happens when grandma just tries to connect things whenever she wants.

Someone should start redesigning remotes because it currently has lots of buttons you don’t need.

This is How Grandparents Make Use of Technology… the iPad was so big that grandma thought it was a cutting board and successfully used it as one.

A perfect example of how grandparents make us of technology. Who knows what they were trying to accomplish here.

Words of wisdom always make its way to someone who needs it no matter the circumstances.

Grandma surely isn’t missing out on the latest edition of 3D Kittens.

Technological advancements should consider enhancing their zoom option on smartphones because it’s currently just not enough for some grandparents.

The grandchildren forgot to teach their grandmother how to use the front camera for selfies.

This grandparent is giving justice to the screenshot technology.

This should be on every grandparent’s telephones!

Old people using modern day tech

Texting is not always for everyone.

At least grandpa tried to fix the internet connection.