Unfortunate Times People Had Bad Luck

Life is about balance. Sometimes there are good days, sometimes bad. Unfortunately, there are those who experience a little worse than just the usual off days. Discover how extremely unlucky some people are and be grateful these things haven’t happened to you! The following is a compilation of unfortunate times people had bad luck. Enjoy and we hope these things don’t happen to you too!

I wonder what it’s like getting eaten.

kidsinpredicaments / facebook

Who wore it better?

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It’s not easy being a ballerina.

ilia731 / imgur

That’s the spirit! The bride is still having a good time even though there was wine on her wedding dress.

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No matter how cute it is, you still get surprised when it starts to bite.

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I probably look like that dog when I see food.

7Gzy8Lp / imgur

When you get an unexpected hit from down there…

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Birds can be scary too you know!

Ownage Pranks / facebook

He just wants another photo!

GallowBoob / reddit

The reason why sunscreens were invented.


Shortcuts aren’t always the best idea.

Zanzibear / reddit

Just blending in…

Z1GF0 / imgur

When you’re hair’s matchy-matchy with your bag.

gingerellaellaella / reddit

“It washes off easily,” they said.


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Don’t forget to wear seat belts next time.

jHKqST0 / imgur

I wouldn’t know what to feel if there was a hyena behind me.

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You wouldn’t want to be around people throwing slippers at you when you’re using your phone.

H7wfv / imgur

I thought the pool was for the kids?


Glass doors can be dangerous.


Part-time cop, part-time clown.

Atheldemic / reddit

Blue sweaters must be the latest fashion trend.

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Let’s just hope no one’s stuck on the other side.

Dr_Procrastinator / reddit

At least you don’t have to worry about it flooding…

iBleeedorange / reddit

I wonder how fast his bike was.

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Men can attend yoga classes too you know.

W0ORl / imgur

When animal’s get a little possessive…

89fOYC4 / imgur

Just giving him a heads up!

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