12 People (and one cat) Who Are Having The Worst Day Ever


If you are having a bad day, just remember it could always be worse. The number 13 is thought to be unlucky for some, certainly for these poor people (and one cat!) below! So it’s only right that you sit back, relax, and count yourself lucky that you haven’t made this list of the 13 worst fails ever! 

When he said he was just hanging around the house he probably didn’t mean this!  


He’s gone!

Why does this only ever happen when you’re starving?

Dinner time? 

Hope this guy wasn’t too thirsty!  

Well, the plane did technically stop…

I got myself in and I can get myself out…probably!

Aaaaand don’t relax.

What a wash out! 

The guy at the top right is not amused.

Looks like this expedition has come to a halt!

That’s going to hurt!

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