Photos of People Who Had One Job But Failed To Do It Right

As we go through with life, we realize that there are days when things are good and there are days when things are just plain bad. We try and make things better and sometimes it ends up that way. Many times, we bump into people who would make you worry about their well-being. You often wonder how do they exactly survive on a daily basis. This list contains photos of people who had one job but failed to do it right.

We don’t always make the right choices in life. Here we have a few photos of people who had one job but failed to do it right.


When you just forgot the actual purpose of these shakers:

When you just hate people:

Who wants this pasta monster? Because this is not appetizing.

Why would anyone treat Bacon this way? Bacon is life.

When you are just too lazy to do it right:


When you just want to charge all the things:


What is this nightmare?

More like three men and a truck.

And the shortest one as the driver.



Maybe he just wanted to be ready for possibilities.


An amazing band-aid solution to the problem.

When you just have no idea about public transportations:

When you just refuse to let it go:


This is not how it’s supposed to work.



When you are not sure how to use an umbrella:

#whatareyoudoing #nothowthatworks

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When equal parts are not your thing:

Go home Lil' Caesar's, yr drunk. #pizzafail #lilcaesars

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