You Can Get A Corgi Butt Mouse Pad To Help Support Your Wrist

Add some fun and a bit of amusement to tedious hours of working in front of your computer. Rest your  wrist comfortably on this corgi butt mouse pad and let its adorable design tickle your fancy. We’ve previously featured a similar mouse pad with the cute image of a corgi facing backwards, offering its plushy buttocks to hold up your wrist. Yes, the doggo’s butt is cute and all, but wouldn’t it be better to see the corgi’s face as well? Besides, nothing can ease an exhausted mind better than a dog’s smiling face.

Well, consider it done because we’ve found another mouse pad that features a cute dog with both its squishy butt and smiling face in full display.

corgi butt mouse pad cushioned wrist support

There are various types of mouse pads on the market right now. If you really want to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, you need to get a mouse pad with a wrist support. However, not all mouse pads with wrist support are created the same. For instance, a stiff wrist rest padding can potentially cause nerve entrapment and tendon inflammation on the wrist. Hence, choosing a soft and ergonomically-designed wrist support pad is the best way to go.

corgi butt mouse pad cute design

This mouse pad doesn’t only look cute but its wrist rest padding is super comfy as well. The cushioned pad resembling the corgi’s plump butt supports the wrist and relieves the pressure that can aggravate your carpal tunnel.

No more painful discomfort on your wrist. However, it is important to take a break once in a while, regardless of the quality of your wrist support pad. This is because resting on your wrist for long periods of time compresses the blood vessels in your wrist. And this could lead to numbness, pain, and tingling sensation in the hand and arm.

corgi butt mouse pad comfortable wrist rest


corgi butt mouse pad

Let this adorable corgi butt mouse pad provide comfort to your wrist and help you get through the day with the amiable image of a cute corgi. Get this cutesy mouse pad from Urban Outfitters. If it’s sold out you can get a similar one on Amazon.

Source: Urban Outfitters