12 Simple Yet Effective Cleaning Tips That Make Cleaning Easy


Cleaning isn't a task most of us relish. We can end up spending lots of money on all the latest products, too. So it's interesting to know which household items you probably already own that can be used as alternative cleaning products. These items aren't necessarily ones you would immediately associate with cleaning. Hairspray, vinegar and rice are just three examples. Check out how to use them, as well as other household items you probably already own, below. And get to work! 


Hairspray gets colored marker off of painted walls.


Fill a narrow vase with a cup of uncooked rice along with some vinegar, dishwashing soap and water. The rice will clean the sides and bottom of the glassware. Full instructions here.


A dry paintbrush makes an excellent duster for your collectibles, grooves and all.


Clean chrome and stainless steel fixtures with vinegar. You can also remove scum, grime, mildew and hard water stains from your tub or shower with this common household product.


Kill germs lurking in the crevices of sponges by zapping the wet sponge in the microwave for two minutes.


Grab some disinfectant wipes to quickly clean faucets, sinks, tubs and toilet seats.


Polish tarnished copper with salt.

Clean your microwave with a lemon. Full instructions here.



Don't throw away your old newspaper without first making sure you have one lining the bottom of your trash can. Newspaper soaks up bad smells and trashy residue.

Keep your garbage disposal unit clean with these handy DIY ice cube and citrus fresheners. Full instructions here.


Use vinegar to clean your dishwasher.


Use coffee grounds to banish bad odors from your fridge. Full instructions here.