50 Students Share Some Of The Worst Designs They Have Seen At Their Schools

They say school is fun but many of us would beg to disagree. If anything, life in school is boring and tedious. But these hilariously bad school designs will make you feel glad about your own school. Or perhaps you’ll feel the other way around if you’re looking for something good for a laugh. We see a lot of epic design fails all around us and, of course schools are no exemption to this. While most schools are constructed to promote learning and inspire creativity, these schools went on to baffle the minds of their students. Did they just made honest mistakes or did they deliberately create these bad school designs for some reason? Naturally, students can easily discern a horrible design with their keen eyes. And they certainly won’t let it slide without exposing it to the whole world.

The students who took these photos of bad school designs are either unlucky or lucky. Unfortunately, these poor young learners have to cope with these nuisances whether they like it or not. At the same time, these students are fortunate to encounter something laughable and uproarious that could turn a boring school into a more fun place. Either way, there’s no denying that these ridiculously bad school designs are amusing and worth the giggles. But on a more serious note, these designers need to go back to school to learn what ‘good design’ is. Here are some photos of bad school designs that will either make you want to go or avoid these schools.


German School

New Statue At A Catholic School

This School Bus Ad

“It’s Even More Fascinating When This Shit Happens In A Design School”

Hangers At School…

“‘A Man Plowing A Field’ On A Local School Building”

“Interesting Take For A School Quote”

“The Way My School Installed The New Projector”

“Being Helpful For The Blind”

“The Absolute Crap Design Of My School. This Is The Place Where Every Hallway Intersects”

“This School Just Renovated The Toilets At Their Gym”

“The Pie Graph In My School’s Newspaper”

“High School Gym In Pontiac, Mi. There Are No Words…”

“This Machine At My School Sound Painful”

“My School’s Attempt At Being Multicultural”

“My School Has This Mini Park Inside It But No One Can Get Inside”

“Our School Has Fantastic Fans”

“Seen At My School”

“My School Locker Can’t Even Fit My Backpack Because Of Those Shelves”

Front Door Of A Middle School

Extreme Entrance To School Gym

“One-Way Window Tint At School, So We Can’t See Shooters, But They Can See Us”

“School My From Words Inspiring”

“There Is So Much Wrong With This Map At My School”

“Our School Must Be The Crappiest Design I’ve Ever Seen!”

“The Wall Decoration At My High School, Red Is Supposed To Represent The Freshmen”

“The Pamphlet For My School’s Special Needs Program”

“My School’s Fine Arts Department Had Some Interesting Stickers”

“This Graph In A High School Year Book”

“This Is On Our Wall In The School…”

“These Signs Are All Around My School, Let’s Sell Some Children!”

“At First Glance, The White Lettering On This Pride Poster At My High School Blends In With The Yellow Background. Changes The Meaning Drastically”

“The Mirror At The Men’s Bathroom At My School”

“This Door In My School”

“My High School’s End Zone For Over 90 Years”

“This Person In My School Book”

“Off Centre, Misspelled, Hard To See Road Markings At A Local School”

“My Friend’s New Locker Has A Huge Pipe Running Through It”


Stalls In School’s Bathroom

“High School”

“This Graph In My School’s Yearbook…”

“This Sign At My School”

“There Are Several Of These At My School And I Am Unlucky Enough To Be Right In The Corner”

“After My School Had A Fire Alarm (Planned) I Noticed This”

“The Unfortunate Overhead View Of My School’s Library Desks”

“Found At My School”

“Poster At My School. Lightbulb Looks Like A Noose”

“My High School Science Departments Lights”

“This Wrestling Painting At A High School”

“The Design School I Graduated From Sent This Postcard Out”