Rest Your Wrist On This Corgi Butt Mouse Pad While You Work

Who could resist the cuteness of a corgi? With their adorable short limbs and playful traits, not even the queen of England could resist these adorable dogs. Having a corgi for a pet would definitely make life happier. Of course, these marvelous corgis come with a price, and it’s hefty too. But we have something that comes close to the cuteness of corgis. This 3D Corgi Butt Mouse Pad from 123Arts will surely make your work more fun.

This funny-looking mouse pad is made of silicone and polyurethane fiber. It measures 8.6 inches by 10.2 inches to give you ample space to steer your mouse. Moreover, it has a printed image of a corgi facing backwards with the dog’s butt right on the spot of the wrist rest. The wrist rest is definitely the most striking feature of this mouse pad because it takes the shape of a corgi’s butt. You can poke or squish the bottom part which is made of soft rubber to provide support to the wrist. FYI, squishy things are effective stress-relievers. When you need to take a break from the stressful work, you can take advantage of pad’s cushiony butts.

amazon corgi butt mouse pad 123arts

corgi butt mouse pad rubber wrist rest


3d corgi butt mouse pad side

This Corgi Butt Mouse Pad is available on now if you want to lighten up your mood in the office. It is available in two different designs – light-colored corgi and dark-colored corgi. You can get this for yourself or give it as a thoughtful gift for your corgi-loving friends. Or for office colleagues who are also looking for an exciting distraction from the taxing workloads. Bring a touch of cuteness and fun into your desk. With this funny Corgi Butt Mouse Pad, office hours will never be boring ever again.

amazon corgi butt mouse pad dark-colored


amazon corgi butt mouse pad soft rubber

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