Glide Through Florida’s Bioluminescent Waters In See-Through Kayaks

We all want to getaway from the monotony of our bustling everyday lives. But frankly, most dream destinations tend to require hefty amounts of money…which kind of takes away the fun. Space travel remains exclusive to astronauts, Disneyland requires deep pockets, and jetting off to a tropical paradise is a luxury only a few can afford. But these aren’t the only magical experiences out there. A travel company in Florida’s famous Space Coast is offering once-in-a-lifetime tours where you can experience other-worldly magic with see-through kayaks.

Kayaking may not sound like the most thrilling or glamorous activity out there but hear us out.

see-through kayaks

Most kayak tours happen during the day. And most of the time, you’d find yourself craning your neck to get a decent view of the water and its inhabitants… But none of that’s going to happen with the Bioluminescent Kayak Tour’s see-through kayaks. With these kayaks, you get 360 degree view of the area you’re paddling through!

Bioluminescence is often referred to as nature’s glow sticks, because of the glowing effect it creates in the water. This phenomenon commonly occurs during the summer months in Florida, when Cone Jellyfish move in and join Dinoflagellates (the bioluminescent plankton) in its waters. The presence of millions upon millions of tiny plankton and jellyfish that don’t sting but instead glow green and blue create the mesmerizing light in the water.
A stroke of a paddle, or even just touching the water with one’s had, will set off this natural light show. It’s pretty much like being in the glowing world of Pandora. Plus, it kind of makes for a super romantic date activity, don’t you think?


When’s the best time to ride these kayaks?

The best time to go on this Bioluminescent Kayaking trip is between the months of May through November. However, you’ll have to check the Moon Calendar before booking to make sure you get the best experience. Because “the less moonlight, the brighter the bioluminescent sea creatures will appear”. If you want to experience this mystical trip, you’ll have to book quickly. These see-though kayak tours tend to sell out quite quickly during summer. The 90-minute tour costs $72 per person. You can book the night kayaking tour here.