You Can Get An Inflatable Toy Story Alien Costume For Halloween

As the spooky season draws nearer by the day, everyone becomes so busy searching for the best Halloween costume. Take your costume to a galactic level with this inflatable Toy Story Alien costume from shopDisney. We’ve recently featured the spooky Oogie Boogie costume from the same online shop. But, if you’re not the biggest fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas, we have another option for you. Hardcore Toy Story fans certainly won’t hesitate to buy this particular Halloween costume because it will turn them into a three-eyed green alien creature straight from the animated film.

But why would anyone want to look like a friendly, gullible alien for Halloween? Well, why not? While everyone else is going to be in their creepy, bloody costumes, you’ll surely stand out as the only cute and friendly creature among the crowd. With its cordial smile and wide open arms just begging for a hug, this inflatable costume will instantly make you a crowd favorite.

But why not go with Woody or Buzz instead? Well, any Toy Story fans would tell you how special these little green men are. Besides, Woody and his entire gang couldn’t have made their way out from the incinerator if not for these little heroes. In other words, there wouldn’t have been a Toy Story 4 if the Aliens weren’t there to save the main characters in Toy Story 3.


shopdisney inflatable toy story alien costume


That’s not the only thing that makes this costume unique. You might be wondering why a costume comes with an inflatable feature. Again, why not? Did you ever consider steering away from the usual foam-padded suit for a change? Now is your chance to do so. The inflatable Toy Story Alien costume is a one-piece nylon suit equipped with a built-in fan to keep it inflated. Can you find that in other Halloween suits? Probably not! The fan requires 4 AA batteries which you need to buy separately.

inflatable alien costume

The suit can fit adults from 5’5” to 6’1” with chest girth measurement from 41 to 46 inches. If you intend to wear this on Halloween, you’ll need to be extra careful. Just like any inflatable items, this suit is vulnerable to punctures caused by sharp, pointy objects.

You can buy this Alien suit from Amazon.

Source: Amazon