Hilariously Bad Situations You Wouldn’t Want To Be Into

There’s always the good and the bad, we need to accept the bad just like how we accept the good. But these people didn’t see these hilariously bad situations coming. Now we have no idea how they’ll be able to accept these misfortunes befalling them. Of course, everyone has their own share of bad luck. But you definitely don’t want these hilarious bad situations happening to you. Get ready to laugh till you drop at these funny photos of unlucky people in a situation that couldn’t get any worse.


What do you gain from torturing yourself with this painful torment? Would you go to this length for the sake of likes and views?

Youtube | The Slow Mo Guys

It’s the charger way of saying ‘no more phone for you today‘.

Reddit | AlephNull-1

When your driver gets lost in Atlantis and couldn’t find his way back to you.

Reddit | AwesomeAuhsoj

This car is certainly not a delivery truck. So why do you force it to carry that heavy load?

Reddit | ReaKaptain

These are squirrels’ own version of cotton-candy so you better keep those cushions away from their sight.

Reddit | RipplyPig

What are the chances of picking this up without spilling the contents on the floor? Zero, none, nil, nada.

Reddit | ebjazzz

Listen up, manufacturers. Do not put a hole on the packages because that certain hole can ruin someone’s day.

Reddit | Normie-Destroyer

Photos of people’s misfortune that will make you feel good about yourself



Not even fire can prevent her from strolling her baby, and from checking her phone while strolling her baby.

Reddit | slavymcslavface

Let’s see if these guys can lure this crocodile out of the road. But we definitely don’t want to see what happens next especially if the crocodile decides to attack them instead.

Reddit | skezixx

I’m not sure what’s happening in here and I don’t know which is more tragic, the man falling into the fire pit or the lame costume he’s wearing?

Reddit | Waffle842

Out of all places, these bees suddenly choose to build their hive in this bike. Whether the owner likes it  or not, this bike belongs to the bees now.

beehive bike hilariously bad situations
Reddit | I_Can_Haz_Brainz

Deadpool is wacky enough on his own. Letting him wear the Mask will intensify his craziness ten-fold. This is foolery to the highest level but we’re also curious what happens when he wears it.

Reddit | SIMOOU

This is electrocution waiting to happen. Sure it’s fun to grill while you’re on the pool but I wouldn’t risk my life for it.

Reddit | FedExFacto

These lips are literally locked and you can feel the pain brought about by the weight of the padlock. But this is actually a good idea if you want lose weight.

Reddit | totalinfonet

I wonder if he’s dreaming about a warm sunbathing in the beaches of Hawaii that feels so real because he can almost feel the heat.

Reddit | AusMurray