Hilariously Strange Things That Will Raise An Eyebrow In Confusion

Everyone needs the basic necessities in order to live but we definitely don’t need these hilariously strange things. Needless to say, we’d be better off without the existence of these things. It will make you wonder why they even exist in the first place because their presence doesn’t make any sense. If there’s one thing they’re good at, that is their way of making us laugh at them. So I think we’re good with that. We have picked out examples of hilariously strange things that don’t need to exist but they do anyway.




This knock-off brand can’t make up its mind so it decided to go with both.

adidas nike shoes hilariously unnecessary things

I also want what that lady has. I’m not talking about the sheep. I also want to have an awful lot of free time on my hands to spend on impractical things such as this.


Everything about this massage therapy shed seems a bit shady. Who would seriously fall into this trap?

Reddit | awake207am

These creepy mannequins look like baby birds about to be fed by their mother.


We’re fine with the typical shape of eggs but I wouldn’t mind having that mutant-egg. Besides, it’s what inside that really matters.

Reddit | JustADumbDog

One would normally think this snack is made from squirrels at first glance. A wrong choice of name can be a confusing thing. And why is this squirrel asking for our votes? Any takers?


You shouldn’t have asked him what he’s up to. Now we’re not gonna look at that figure the same way again.

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Sometimes, Google’s autocomplete feature is more interesting than the topic that we’re actually searching.

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Weird things

Any breakable thing placed on the edge of a table can give us anxiety. Put your pet into that thing and everything becomes more dreadful.

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This pair of Aces is trying to trick us but we don’t really need these types of shenanigans, do we?


They did say it’s wireless but they didn’t say it’s cordless.

Imgur | Konetsu

I wonder if this is the kind that fits-all-sizes.

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I need to know what happens next when Jesus was resurrected. But based from the cover, it looks like he underwent rigorous training and came back for revenge with the help of his loyal unicorn. I’m curious to read how he did his Rambo-style vengeance to those who nailed him to the cross.

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There are harmless pranks that can brighten up everyone’s mood and there’s this unnecessary painful prank that could make someone lose fingers.

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Children are a blessing from God but we don’t really need ungrateful brats. If God would ever give me an ill-mannered child, I would just say “No thanks, I’m good.”

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We don’t need people telling every single details of what they’re doing in every single second. If you’re going to do your business in the bathroom, you don’t need to specify all the nasty details.

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