Funny Snapchats Showing That Life With Cats Is More Fun

Cats are naturally adorable and sometimes impish. And capturing them on Snapchat guarantees total hilarity. But one thing is for sure, life would be so boring without our furry friends.


Scroll down and take a look at these hilarious Snapchats of cats trying to do what they do best – make us smile.


15.    He was chopping them up, he was chopping them down.

14.    We all know that cats are stupidheads but this one takes the cake.

13.    These guilty-looking ‘partners in crime’ are trying to hide something sinister.

12.    Why do I feel guilty about laughing at this cat’s misfortune?

11.    No one touches this remote but me!

10.    Cats showing how a good teamwork is done.

9.   The valiant knight in shining fur comes to save the day!

8.   This cat finds his new bed quite comfortable.

7.    When the cats challenge a lamp for a staring contest…

6.    Chillin’ like a boss.

5.    A cat trying to cheer up a disinterested fish.

4.    I am here to take your souls.

3.    I told you, I’m not fat! Now give me my food!

2.    Those gargoyles look like cats!

1.       Just hang in there, little kitty.