Bizarre Things That Will Satisfy The Oddball In You

Have you ever felt that there’s something oddly satisfying in bizarre things that even our logical thinking can’t explain? This is because all of us have an eccentric side but most of us choose not to show it. Being weird is not something we all aspire to be. But we can’t deny the fact that we enjoy the things that are out of the ordinary. Stranger things can certainly grab our curiosity better than other mundane things. If you still deny the oddball inside you, try to look at these bizarre things. Then tell yourself that these hilariously strange things didn’t amuse you at all.


Forget about the hand-me-down car. Can we talk about the pig peeking from the headlight?

Instagram | streetcatto

Gripping on or standing on a baby head is not the most comfortable position to be into, even if it’s only a mannequin. This particular climbing gym should know better.

Reddit | LowerStandard

Here’s something to cover raw breasts… of a chicken.

Instagram | streetcatto

Maybe she meant drinking a bottle of Jack first thing in the morning. People these days always take things too literally.

Instagram | kalesalad

If you think humans are the only creature who suffer from existential crisis then you’re wrong.

Instagram | meme.w0rld

We can just kiss privacy goodbye because no one observes it now.

Reddit | bolthead88

All of a sudden, she just decided to cut her bulky hair. And the hair-cutter have no better idea than to cut it as if slicing a loaf of bread.

Reddit | prosto_mokasin

Strange things that will amuse your curiosity



Whatever they stuffed into this cornucopia had Steve Jobs scratching his chin in disbelief.

Reddit | P13romancer

We can just ask this man how it feels like to be stuffed inside a trolley bag.

Reddit | K619

This is probably the most unstable construction I’ve seen. Looks like a sneeze can bring this whole thing in shambles.

Reddit | visionarygirl

I’ve never seen a mismatch in a vehicle quite like this before. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Reddit | Whitlow14

This is something a sadomasochist would wear as a mask.

Reddit | Blobbypengu

Whatever these mannequins are watching, I don’t wanna know. The spectators alone are too creepy for me to handle.

Reddit | 7744666

What have they done to our beloved and cute Teletubbies? Those eyes… those deadpan eyes will certainly haunt me for life. Someone please save that kid from this atrocity.

Reddit | prosto_mokasin