Funny People Who Don’t Care About Being Strange

Being strange can make you a more interesting person that enjoys life in a different way. Have you ever felt that the earth is nothing more than a rotating ball of boredom? If so, then you really have a boring life. If you feel dispassionate about life, now is the best time to break free from the monotonous and dull life you are currently living in. Start living life to the fullest because it only happens once. Break the monotony and do something weird. Learn from these people who don’t care about being strange anymore.



A kid finds a way to kill time at the electronics store while waiting for his dad.


Business as usual.


Be more specific when you tell a customer that his meal comes with a free refill. Talk about getting your money’s worth!


What happens when you accidentally flip a Honda? Panic has no room for this old couple. Instead, they managed to pose for a picture while waiting for rescue.


Someone wasn’t informed about the dress code for the pictorial.

Spiderman has crashed the nativity scene.

spiderman being strange

This girl doesn’t mind that her neighbor’s house is on fire, she’s having too much fun to care.


There are people who don’t care about other people’s rules. And they end up being strange for their eccentricities.


Taking a good picture is more important than anything else.


How do you like my new zebra?


No one would ever think to celebrate birthdays at the gym. But this lady did on her 99th birthday.


When you are too polite to ask an old lady to hurry up…


This guy came to the airport well-prepared. Some may think it’s odd, we think genius!


This is Carter. He knocked on my door, asked for a banana, and then just left.


Nothing beats an old-school cassette player. Let him jam while he eats!