Get Your Taste Buds Ready Because A Twizzlers Mystery Flavor Is Coming Soon

Nothing beats the joy of being spoiled by our favorite brands with all sorts of fun flavors. However, we also crave a bit of challenge from time to time, and that’s why we love mystery flavors. From candies, cookies and sodas, more and more brands are jumping on the bandwagon of releasing unnamed variants. And the latest treat to put our taste buds to the test is the new Twizzlers Mystery Flavor.

It has been recently listed on Albanese Confectionery’s website as a new item under the “Freedom and Summer Candy” category. Unfortunately, there’s not much information about it yet. Plus, it appears that the candy brand’s social media pages have been on a hiatus since July 2020. So, there’s no way for us to tell when they will roll out in stores or if they will be available elsewhere at all.

twizzlers mystery flavor individual pack
Albanese Confectionery


Twizzlers is releasing a new mystery flavor, so get your sweet tooth and taste buds ready!

twizzlers mystery flavor
Albanese Confectionery

So far, the only thing we know about these twisted treats is that they are purple in color. Based on the brand’s Rainbow variant, it’s easy to assume that the mystery flavor is grape. But wouldn’t that be too much of a giveaway? So, we’re also considering the fact that they might be blackberry, fig, plum or even wine-flavored. The possibilities are literally endless, and only time can tell what flavor lies within these candy twists!

Obviously, we’ll be wallowing in mystery until we get our hands on them and taste them for ourselves. So, hopefully, they hit the shelves soon, so we can start the debate on what the actual flavor is! But for now, our best bet is to keep stalking the candy aisles of our local retailers for possible sightings of these purple treats. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Source: Albanese Confectionery