Add A ‘Sweet’ Touch To Your Garden With These Gumdrop Lights

Transform your home into a giant gingerbread house and slay the holiday décor game by adorning your outdoor space with these Gumdrop Lights. We at Awesome Inventions wanted you to have the most colorful and merriest Christmas. That’s why we never stop bringing you the trendiest holiday decorations to help you dress up your home for the festive season. If you’re considering turning your home into a gingerbread house then you’ll need these bright, colorful pathway lights to achieve that.

These LED Gumdrop Lights look like the real gummy candies complete with grainy texture to mimic the sugar coating of the actual candies. So, each LED light looks and feels like the sugar-coated chewy sweets that we love. Each dome-shaped bulb measures 8 inches tall and a set consists of 10 multi-colored bulbs connected by a cord with an overall length of 30 feet. The bulbs come in alternating colors of green, red, blue, yellow, and purple.


Gumdrop Lights With ‘Sugar-Coated’ Texture

led gumdrop lights christmas pathway

This 30-feet-long pathway light is linkable so you can connect multiple strings end to end to extend the lighted length. Line the gumdrop lights up along your walkways and connect multiple sets with the end-to-end connectors to cover up the desired length. Each bulb comes with ground stakes to hold the lights in place. Then plug it into a standard outlet and watch the sugar-coated bulbs give off a soft glow to illuminate your walkways.

led gumdrop lights multi-colored


sugar-coated candy-shaped pathway led


sugar-coated candy-shaped pathway decor

The space between each gumdrop lights is 36 inches and the bulbs provide a steady glow without any color-changing or flickering effects. Aside from walkways, you can also use this decorative lighting to deck your patio or porch. You can also install them indoors to bring the festive spirit inside your home. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“The lights are better than expected. They are large, have a nice strong ‘sugar’ coating, and are very sturdy. A single string is very long and has 10 lights. They even glow through a covering of snow, they sit flat on the ground so no staking or falling over. We got lots of compliment from our neighbors.”

led gumdrop lights sugar-coating effect


sugar-coated candy-shaped led bulb


led gumdrop lights

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