Oreo Have Revealed That The Mystery Cookie Flavor Is Churro

Six months ago, our favorite cookie sandwich brand dropped yet another mystery flavor for our taste buds to solve. It was even wrapped in dramatic white packaging, so it wouldn’t give away any suggestions. The $50,000 grand prize for guessing the flavor correctly also naturally sent cookie monsters (us included) into a cookie-induced craze. Unfortunately, someone has already received the much-coveted congratulatory message and cash from Nabisco for getting the Oreo Churro flavor right. Yes, that’s right. The mystery flavor was apparently inspired by a cherished Mexican snack! Did your guess even come close or nah?




Nabisco unveiled the first Mystery Oreo back in 2017



Nabisco introduced the secret sandwich cookie guessing game two years prior to this. Back then, they all but spoon-fed the answer to us, because they’d just released a similar flavor that many fans recognized off the bat. 2017’s Mystery Oreo contained the Fruity Pebble flavor. People had mixed reactions towards it as well, since the chocolate cookie had been swapped for chocolate wafers. The change didn’t sit well with fans, so hopefully those in charge of the unique creations learnt to never alter the sacred Oreo cookies.


The Oreo Churro flavor cookies looked just like the classic cookies


In comparison, this year’s mysterious Oreo cookie was more difficult to pin down. The limited edition Oreos look exactly like the classic cookie snack. Black cookies, white creme. If you were to simply look at it, you’d get nowhere. However, if you were to take a mighty sniff, you’d definitely catch spicy cinnamon notes! “Clues are the key to solving any good mystery, so Oreo will be dropping plenty of helpful hints along the way,” Oreo wrote.

“While the first hint is in the taste of creme, Oreo is releasing three mystery packs with different clues on each week. Oreo will reveal more case-solving secrets as a part of the #MysteryMonday series on Oreo’s Facebook page.” the company instructed.



A snack blogger may have guessed the flavor right

Among the food blogs to feature the Mystery Oreo was JunkBanter, who not only took the time to sample the mysterious cookie sandwich but to also solve the provided riddles. However, after encountering the first three clues, the foodie put two and two together. On his review for the limited edition Oreo, the blogger wrote:

“Of course if two of the clues point to cinnamon and the third is ‘is churros’, why do I need five more clues released over 50 days to figure out that the mystery flavor is Churros?”

And boy was he right. JunkBanter needs a crown, a medal, a trophy, that check for $50,000 to mark his triumphant solve of the mystery flavor! Oreo announced the winner’s identity here. We don’t know who Shawn H. is, but we’re so happy for him! (Could he be JunkMale, the reviewer behind the JunkBanter article? Hmmmmmm… the plot thickens!)


Oreo wrapped up the case on December 2nd



According to Nabisco, popular guesses included funnel cake, graham cracker and gingerbread. But now that you know the correct cookie flavor, you might want to pick up another pack before it vanishes into thin air! The Oreo Churro flavor’s definitely going to blend in well with other holiday flavors. We’re probably gonna dip in a mug of rich, creamy hot chocolate instead of dunking it in a glass of cold milk.