You Can Get A Spooky Spider Dish To Hold Your Candy

For most of us, spiders conjure up images of eight-legged monsters and other fearsome creatures. So this spooky season, turn trick-or-treat into a test of courage by placing your Halloween treats on this creepy-looking spider candy dish. With its realistic design, this serving bowl should put everyone’s bravery to the test. It’s up to them if they can overcome their fear of arachnids or not. And if they do, a sweet reward awaits them as they can grab as many treats as they want.

This spooky spider candy dish features a large bowl resting on the back of an eight-legged critter. So, it looks like the creepy-crawly is guarding its sweet treasures, ready to pounce on anyone who dares touch its stash of treats. Simply fill it up with the finest assortments of candies and place it on the porch by the door for trick-or-treaters. It can hold up to 40-oz of wrapped treats.


Spider Candy Dish

spider candy dish

This spider candy dish is made of hand-cast aluminum in solid black finish to make an ideal addition to your Halloween table. But please note that this serving bowl is only intended to hold dry, wrapped products and should not be used as a kitchen utensil. Hence, it should not be placed in the microwave or oven. It’s also not safe to use as a mixing bowl for food preparation.

spider candy dish hand-cast aluminum


trick-or-treat bowl

Even without the candies, you can also use this spider candy dish as a décor for your Gothic-themed room. It measures 6.75 inches high and 9.75 inches wide with the bowl measuring 8.25 inches in diameter. To clean, simply wipe it with a soft cloth. Turn your usual dinner into a fright night by adding this imposing centerpiece to the dining table.

halloween-inspired bowl gothic


spider candy dish trick-or-treat


halloween trick-or-treat bowl

Source: Pottery Barn