A Dr Pepper-Flavored Licorice Exists That Will Give People Their Fix In A Sweet New Way

If your favorite soda is Dr Pepper and you just happen to be fond of chewing on licorice, then we’ve got super sweet news for you! The candy gods have heard your prayer(s), and now Dr Pepper-flavored licorice exists! Yes, you can now snack on favorite soda.

Staying true to its experimental roots, Dr Pepper continues its tradition of surprising its loyal drinkers. And this time, the beloved soda company has partnered with Licorice International to give its fans a soda they can chew on.

Dr Pepper-flavored licorice

Each 5-ounce pack of Dr Pepper-flavored Licorice contains 21 5-inch licorice twists. So, you might want to grab several packs of this new licorice variant to satisfy your peppery fix.  The Dr Pepper-flavored licorice is actually a part of a soda-flavored licorice assortment. Aside from Dr Pepper, you can choose from Orange or Grape Crush-flavored licorice and A&W Rootbeer-flavored licorice as well. Or you could just get all four flavors to fully satisfy your curiosity. You have the option to order a pack of 4, 8, 12, or the Limited Edition pack. You can also check out the sweets shelves of your local supermarket.

Soda Flavored Licorice

Several snackers have already tried it and their response seems promising.

“I was so worried that they’d be gross and disgusting and that I would have wasted my money,”

one buyer wrote.

“My fears vanished with the first bite. Now, my only regret is that I didn’t place a larger order. If you love Dr Pepper the way that I do, you’ll want to eat these all the time.”

Another said that,

“These were real good, soft not hard and seemed to resemble the flavors.”

We think that the Dr Pepper-flavored licorice candy makes for a perfect novelty gift this coming Halloween and Christmas season! Get yours here.