15 Upset Online Shoppers Share Their Hilarious Experience

When shopping online, you either hit or miss. If you’re lucky, you may find hidden gems at a great deal. But beware, you may also end up wasting money for a piece of rubbish. Of course, we don’t want that to happen to us. But these unlucky customers learned that what you see online isn’t always what you get. We need to remember that some online sellers can be tricky sometimes.

They will pull any kind of misleading schemes to convince you and you can fall into their traps if you’re not lucky. Take a look at these photos of upset online shoppers and their disappointment when they received something hilariously different. Have a good laugh at these shopping disasters.


A cute nightgown for wifey turns out to be an awful clown costume upon delivery.


I guess no one will ever trust me when I say I’m a doctor.


It’s not even the same fabric. Did they use tin foil for that one?


She certainly didn’t expect to receive something that looks like a gray intestine.


They took chainsaw in its most literal sense.


Try to look closer next time.


Nice message, wrong highlight.


Well, they’re both leaders. At least they have one thing in common.


Selling punching bags is China’s secret method of exporting their own garbage to other countries.


Nonetheless, it still looks sexy on you.


Someone ordered a book from eBay and got scarred for life.


Cost-cutting measures includes resources-saving methods. In this case, they minimized the use of fabric to reduce expenses.


When you order a dinosaur pillow case and it comes with a bonus, the sleeping child included.


You’ll need to borrow Alice’s shrinking potion to fit into that chair.


This speedometer bought from Aliexpress confuses itself as a compass. Round and round and round it goes.