Seed-Bearing Lollipops

Lollipop is one of the most favorite types of candy in the world among kids and adults alike. Simply a piece of hard candy mounted on a stick, we’ve never asked anything much of our favorite sugary suckers. Not until these seed-bearing lollipops were concocted. Now this hard sweet on a stick can serve a bigger purpose. If you didn’t think twice about throwing away the sticks before, these eco-friendly alternatives may change the way you consume your lollies.

Each of these seed bearing lollipops features gourmet hard candy mounted on a biodegradable stick that contains heirloom seed that grows an herb when planted. After you’ve devoured the yummy candy, just plant the stick horizontally in the soil. Cover the stick with a layer of top soil and make sure to water daily. Made of recycled paper, the stick will begin to decompose due to the moist. Simultaneously, the seed will be able to escape and start germination. Continue watering it daily and watch it grow into an herb or flower.


Seed-Bearing Lollipops

seed bearing lollipops

Apparently, the seed bearing lollipops are a greater alternative to the regular ones with plastic sticks. As you already know, more plastic thrown into the soil or water contributes to pollution which is detrimental to the environment. With these seed-infused lolly sticks, we’re not only helping reduce plastic wastes but we’re also improving environmental quality by growing more plants. There’s no denying the environmental benefits of this confectionery innovation. But does it taste as good as the regular lollipops?

seed bearing lollipops flavors


Each Pack Contains 8 Individually-Wrapped Lollipops In Different Flavors

seed bearing lollipops grow kit

The seed bearing lollipops come in 8 delicious flavors using the same herb embedded in each stick. Flavors include Peach & Marigold (with marigold seed), Sage & Marshmallow (with sage seed), Champagne & Rose (with rosetta cosmo seed), Lemon & Thyme (with thyme seed), Rosemary & Mint (with mint seed), Vanilla & Hibiscus (with baby blue eyes seed), Lavender & Lemongrass (with lavender seed), and Strawberry & Basil (with basil seed).

Each pack contains all 8 flavors so you’ll get to try each and every flavor. The clear candy is dyed using sourced turmeric and carrot to give it a vivid hue. What’s more, each lolly is blended with edible herbs and flowers corresponding to the flavor and seed it contains. Champagne & Rose, for example, contains actual rose petals to give more texture to the treat.




Savor gourmet and organic lollies and grow your own herb garden afterwards. These seed bearing lollipops make an ideal gift for plant lovers with a sweet tooth. It’s fundamentally giving them two gifts in one – a lollipop and a plant. And if you want to give them more, you can wrap the 8-pack box with the plantable gift wrap to let them grow more plants and flowers.




Source: WhatOnEarth