Mountain Dew Has A New VooDew Mystery Flavor For Halloween

It seems like releasing mystery flavors is slowly becoming a product marketing trend that’s here to stay. After all, it helps brands generate buzz online. More importantly, it gets people to actually buy their products out of curiosity. Apparently, this strategy appears to be working fine for Mountain Dew. And that’s why they’re bringing back their VooDew for the second time around this Halloween with a new mystery flavor!

In case you’ve missed it, the soft drink brand released its first-ever mystery flavor last year, which they later revealed to be candy corn. This year, they’re back at it again, so get ready to put your taste buds to the test once more! Reddit user swagemp was among the first to give the online world a preview of the new mystery fizz.

mountain dew 2020 mystery flavor

Just like last year’s version, the soda comes in a foggy white color, so as not to give any hints on its possible flavor. However, the packaging appears to be relatively different from the 2019 edition. Last year’s packaging was black and purple with orange and yellow details. Meanwhile, this year’s packaging is black and red with green and yellow details.

mountain dew voodew 2019 and 2020 side by side comparison


Get ready to challenge your taste buds once again because Mountain Dew’s VooDew is back with a new mystery flavor!

The Reddit user had a chance to taste the drink and concluded that it is marshmallow flavor. However, in a more recent comment, the user rescinded his “marshmallow prediction.” This came after Mountain Dew’s Instagram post featuring a short animated clip about the new mystery flavor. Apparently, the clip revealed the hint, “Andi Crufty,” which internet sleuths immediately speculated to be “fruit candy.”

Meanwhile, according to snack reviewer @snackgator, this year’s version tastes just like Skittles. However, do note that Skittles was also among people’s top guesses for last year’s edition which turned out to be candy corn. Apparently, there’s no way to tell yet. So, your best bet would be to follow Mountain Dew’s official pages and be on the lookout for more clues in their upcoming posts!

Luckily, various Instagram users have already spotted this new drink in stores. So far, it’s available in Meijer and ShopRite stores and comes in both 12-ounce cans and 16.9-ounce bottles.

As the packaging suggests, this new Voodew flavor is a limited-edition offering only. So, expect that it will be gone as soon as Halloween is over. Hopefully, it will be available in more retailers soon because we seriously can’t wait to challenge our taste buds again!

Source: Mountain Dew