This Huge Cabin Tent Can Accommodate Up To 14 People

Camping is more enjoyable when you’re with your entire family or with the whole gang. And if you’re planning to bring everyone on your next outdoor adventure, you might want to look for a monstrous tent that has sufficient room for the whole group. We’ve found this extra-large cabin tent with 4 separate rooms, 4 doors and 12 windows. The incredibly huge interior space is big enough to fit up to 14 people at once so it is one of the larger tents on the market.

This extra-large tent features a structure of a cross when fully set up. It has a central dome connected to 4 separate rooms. All rooms have their own doors and 2 mesh windows. One of the rooms has the main entrance with an inverted T-shaped zipper, other doors are D-shaped. With the 4 rooms and the central area combined, this spacious shelter provides 235 square feet of living space. It is big enough to fit 5 queen size beds with enough space for 14 people.


14-Person Family Camping Tent

extra-large cabin-type camping tent

One of the great things about this extra-large tent is that it has 3 built-in dividers. So, there’s no need to buy extra dividers for each room. The dividers have central zippers to maximize privacy for each room. The mesh doors and windows provide awesome ventilation while giving a nice view of the outside. Additionally, the mesh ceiling allows everyone inside to stargaze at night. But in case of rain or if you’re not comfortable with a see-through roof, you can attach the removable fly with taped seams to cover the roof.

14-person cabin tent camping


family cabin tent

Most cabin-type camping tents are freestanding. But since this family tent is enormous in size, it will require stakes to secure the corners into the ground. The tent comes with 20 steel stakes along with 16 plastic stakes and 8 guy ropes to help you keep in place. It also comes with 10 fiberglass roof poles and 12 steel poles needed for set up. Assembly takes around 30 minutes with the instructions sewn into the included carry bag.

4-room interior

Start the assembly by spreading the tent body fabric across your chosen spot. Then start from the central area by putting up the dome using 4 vertical poles and 6 roof poles. The central dome should have a height of 78 inches. After which you proceed raising the side rooms. For additional convenience, this extra-large tent features internal accessories such as an E-port, a movable hanging media pocket, a clip-in gear loft and 8 organizer wall pockets distributed around the rooms.  One satisfied buyer wrote:

“This tent is super easy to put up and perfect for group camping. We used three rooms for sleeping and the main entrance and common area as a place for a full sized foldable table and all of our other gear.”

e-port camping tent


camping tent wall mesh pockets


base camp

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