There’s Skittles Candy Canes With “5 Flavors In 1 Cane”

If you’ve already sorted out your Halloween party plans for this year, then it’s to move on to the next big holiday. Of course, we’re referring to the most wonderful time of the year, which is none other than Christmas! Well, we all know that this holiday just isn’t complete without sweet treats. But in case you need a break from chocolatey and pepperminty confectioneries, then these Skittles Candy Canes should find a spot on your wish list.

The new treat was officially revealed at the Sweets & Snacks Expo held in Indianapolis last June. Unlike the brand’s previous offering, they’re not just plastic cane tubes that are filled with the fruit-flavored candies inside. They’re actually cane-shaped candies that taste exactly like the chewy candies. And the best part? Each cane contains all the five flavors in an Original pack—Grape, Green Apple, Lemon, Orange, and Strawberry. So, this means you’ll get a burst of fruity flavors with every lick!

skittles candy canes


fruity cane-shaped confectionery


The new Skittles Candy Canes are here to give you a “taste of the rainbow” this holiday season

Aside from giving the classic Christmas treat a tangy twist, these candies are delightfully colorful too! Just like typical candy canes, they also feature a striped design. Only this time, they consist of five colors representing each flavor. So, there’s purple, green, yellow, orange, and red—it’s basically just like a rainbow candy cane!

skittles candy canes 12-12 count cradcles

We certainly have no doubt these candies will make exciting stocking stuffers. At the same time, you can use them as ornaments for your Christmas tree for a vibrant pop of color. It’s a good thing that these fruity rainbow candy canes are available now on Spangler Candy’s website, so you can avoid the holiday rush. They come in a 12-cradle pack, with each cradle consisting of 12 canes inside. So, that should be more than enough to keep you and your sweet tooth satisfied until the jolly season comes.

Source: Spangler Candy