These Avocado And Acorn Glass Vases Are Perfect For Keeping An Eye On What’s Going On Underneath

Great news for all avocado and acorn aficionados out there! You can now grow your own tree of your favorite fruit or beloved nutty snack at home without a sweat. Instead of buying produce from your local farmers market each week, why not try growing your own plants? Although this idea might seem intimidating especially to those not blessed with a green thumb, it’s actually not. In fact, growing a tree from seed need not be complicated. You just need to have the right vessels. Introducing Ilex Studio’s line of innovative glass vases.

Oak and Avocado Plants in Glass Vases

“Ideal for plant lovers, design enthusiasts, inquisitive children and everyone who wishes to experience the joy of nature and a unique connection to our environment.”

Hand Holding a Glass Vase with Oak Plant

According to the London-based company, these vases are grounded in the “principles of minimalism, timelessness, and functionality.” Each vase sports a flask-like body made of borosilicate glass. It also features an opening that perfectly fits an avocado pit or an acorn. This enables the seed to rest just above the water. Meanwhile, the lower part of the vase is just wide enough for the roots to thrive. And the best part? You’d get to observe how the seed germinates. Staying true to its claim, these vases surely simplify the process of cultivating trees from seeds.

“The sinuously shaped vase magnifies the roots as they prosper; creating a perfect focal point to witness the plant as it develops.”

Avocado Seed in Glass Vase

The Avocado Vase measures 15cm x 15cm, while the Acorn Vase measures 10cm x 10cm. Each vase comes with a guidebook which details all the essential information you need in growing your plant. This includes step-by-step procedures on germinating the seed, tips on caring for and handling your plant, and pruning and repotting techniques. Furthermore, the handbook also features some artistic and literary inspirations that encourage tree-planting activities.

Acorn Vase and Avocado Vase Packaging Boxes

Avocado Vase

Avocado Plant in Glass Vase 2


Avocado Plant in Glass Vase 3


Acorn Vase

Oak Plant in Glass Vase


Acorn Seed Growth Stages

Oak Plant in Glass Vase on Table

Source: Ilex Studio