Turn Any Liquid Into Caviar-Shaped Pearls With This Automatic Spherificator

Forget the traditional method of using gastronomy syringes to create edible pearls with virtually any liquid. This automatic spherificator is a convenient handheld device that can create hundreds of pearls per minute. That is so much faster and more consistent than the time-consuming manual spherification process using a culinary food syringe. The idea of shaping a particular liquid into roe-like spheres was first patented in Britain in 1942 by a food scientist named William Peschardt. This culinary technique involves the use of sodium alginate, a gelling agent that when added to a liquid, transforms into spheres. But unlike gelatin or starch, alginate gels any liquid only with the presence of calcium. This is why the process also involves adding calcium chloride into the water where the gels are formed.

By shaping a liquid into squishy pearls, the technique can enhance both the flavor and texture of virtually any food. You can jellify a cup of coffee and use the coffee gels as toppings for a latte. You can make balsamic vinegar pearls and sprinkle them over veggie salads. Or you can create lime juice pearls to infuse more colors and flavors into ordinary cocktails. With a culinary syringe, you can create only a few spheres in a minute and not to mention they will be inconsistent sizes. But with this spherificator, you can make as many as 700 gel-like spheres per minute with a consistent size from the first pearls down to the last.


Automatic Spherificator

automatic spherificator handheld device

This spherificator is an electric device that can turn virtually any liquid into caviar-shaped pearls. It can hold up to 200ml of liquid to produce around 10kg of pearls. The unit comes with 110V power plug, 70g sodium alginate and 100g calcium chloride to help you get started. To use, add all the necessary ingredients with water and blend. For liquids such as coffee, fruit juices, vinegars or wines, just use the pure liquid without adding water. Add 1 – 2 teaspoons of sodium alginate into the liquid and blend. Pour the mixture into the unit.


How To Use The Spherificator

automatic spherificator


Blend The Ingredients And Sodium Alginate

automatic spherificator how to use alginate mix


Pour The Mixture Into The Spherificator

automatic spherificator capacity

Separately, dissolve some calcium chloride into a bowl of water. Turn on the device and spherificate, watch as the device automatically produces roe-like pearls out of the mixture. Use a sieve to transfer the pearls into a separate bowl of water to rinse. Then you’re ready to garnish any dish or drinks with the edible pearls. The automatic spherificator also comes with 2 nozzle sizes to let you control the sizes of the spheres. One nozzle produces spheres the size of roe while the other one makes about 40% smaller pearls.


Add Some Calcium Chloride Into A Bowl Of Water

water calcium chloride mixture


Use The Device To Create Pearls

automatic spherificator device



coffee pearls on espresso with whipped cream

The handheld device also comes with 100g sodium citrate that helps neutralize highly acidic ingredients such as citrus juice, tomatoes, hot sauce and wines. It also includes a user guide and recipe book to make the entire process easier for you. Keep in mind that the texture of the pearls depends on the amount of alginate used in the mixture. So, it will take some trial-and-error for you to figure out the proper mixes to achieve the desired viscosity.

balsamic caviar salad


whiskey pearls chocolate truffle cake


red wine pearls in white sangria


edible caviar-shaped spheres

Level up any cuisine and impress your guests with this easy to use spherificator. And when you’re done with the tried-and-true recipes included in the recipe book, you can unleash your creativity and imagination with endless possibilities of ingredients. This amazing device also makes the perfect gift for chefs and bartenders. So, you can introduce them to the wonderful world of spherification.

edible pearl maker device


edible food pearl former


caviar shaped pearls


“How amazing. Follow the directions and wahlah you have caviar of pick your flavor. I started with espresso and made caviar and put it on coffee cake.”, one satisfied buyer wrote. “I used peach puree and followed the instructions for the very first recipe. Added the peach ‘caviar’ to Sprite. The caviar kept its shape.”, another buyer wrote.

automatic spherificator results


automatic spherificator cocktail

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