The Philly Yard Bar Company Can Bring A Full-Size 40-Person Pop-Up Bar To Your Party

Have you been hoping to throw in a party? If so, we’re pretty sure you need to have the bar situation stay on point. So, how are you going to pull that off? Well, it’s kind of simple. All you need is the help of this Philadelphia-based company. They can provide you with 40 person pop up bar outdoor party!

So, what do they actually have? Apparently, it’s a rustic farmhouse bar with a particular cozy indoor pub atmosphere to it. You know what its name is? The Philly Yard Bar! And, it has bar stools, high top tables, ice wells, beverage storage, and running water. Plus, it also features some dimmable lighting, and then quite a professional sound system, along with a 42-inch smart TV! It also has heaters as well as a generator for the power source!

The Philly Yard Bar provides you with a 40 person pop up bar outdoor party like no other!

40 person pop up bar outdoor party
Philly Yard Bar

Yes, and it can go anywhere you want it to! If you’re going to try it out, you’ll have to request for the date(s) on their website. Just provide your own alcohol, and you’d be good to go. In other words, the bar is a BYOB. The owners, on the other hand, can also team up with customers so that everyone can enjoy some cocktail menus. That means you can figure out how much you’ll be needing for your big yard event!

Whether it’s for a graduation celebration, a wedding party, some corporate event, a birthday bash, a bridal shower, just a weekend barbecue night, or a golf outing, the 40 person pop up bar outdoor party is just waiting to come to life!



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Telling the Philly Mag, the business co-owner Kerri Marin says:

“If you can imagine it somewhere, it can probably go there. It’s even been on top of a boat!”

Kerri and Andy (her husband) are the ones who’ve come up with the Philly Yard Bar.

Philly, by the way, is short for Philadelphia. If you’re not from around this area, you can opt for the New York Yard Bar — currently operated by Marin’s business partner. They’re also expanding to Florida, so stay tuned! Who knows we’ll have Yard Bars all over the country pretty soon!

Source: Philly Yard Bar