This Jerry Can Mini Bar Is Perfect For A Survival Situation

Nothing makes a woman happier than a gorgeous bouquet of her favorite flowers. But how can you make the man in your life become the happiest guy in the world? Here’s foolproof advice: give him this jerry can mini bar. And watch his face gleam with utter joy by getting the best present a man could have.

The jerry can bar is a unique alternative to a standard drinks cooler as it is much easier to transport to parties, camping, fishing or hiking trips. Made from real jerry can containers and modified as a drinks holder, this configured container offers the convenience and the robustness of the reliable canister. So instead of gas or water, this container holds bottles of liquor, canned beer, a wine flask, whisky glasses, shot glasses and everything you need for a blasting booze party.


Jerry Can Mini Bar

jerry can mini bar

This mini bar is made from a real, completely new 20-liter gas canister. The metal canister is precisely cut on one side with a pair of powder painted hinges holding the cut side as the door. Inside the modified canister are removable shelves that you can configure however you like.

So, you can fit all the necessary essentials you need for your portable bar. The interior shelves are made of plywood that can fit bottles and cans of your favorite liquor and some wine glasses. And there’s an extra plywood shelf attached to the door with straps to hold shot glasses, flasks and mixers for cocktails.

liquor containers made from real gas canister


modified gas canister liquor holder


jerry can mini bar liqour bottles

The sharp edges where the steel canister was cut are covered with a rubber seal to protect your hands and fingers. To secure your boozy treasure, this jerry can bar comes with a lock and two keys included. With the gas canister closed, no one would suspect you’re hiding some spirits inside. You can store it in plain sight and even your kids won’t even think that it contains your secret stash. They’ll probably think it’s just an ordinary container with some petrol in it so they’re likely to pay no attention to it. And when it’s time to party, just grab the container and bring it to where the fun is.

modified gas canister drinks holder


jerry can mini bar movable shelves


You can even personalize the wood inside the can

The jerry can bar comes with three glasses. So, you’ll only have to worry about which liquor to put in the movable shelves. This handy drinks holder is sure to please every man’s heart. You can also opt to add an engraving on the plywood shelf attached to the door. It could be the name of the recipient, or an image of their face or their favorite quote. Just send the shop your personalization details along with your phone number to discuss shipping details. One satisfied customer wrote:

“Superb! Amazing quality item! Beautiful; sheer perfection. We loved the engraving and the style chosen. Hubby totally surprised and very happy with his Christmas gift.”

jerry can mini bar engraving


modified gas canister liquor holder engraving


jerry can mini bar interior shelves

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Source: Etsy