Brew Whiskey At Home With The ‘Do Your Whisky’ Infusion Kit

We usually go to the liquor store to buy whiskey. But now you can learn how to make your favorite spirits like the professionals with the Do Your Whisky DIY Infusion Kit. It includes everything you need to concoct and brew your perfect whisky at home. All you have to do is match the flavors together and make the finest spirits exactly the way you like it.

This DIY infusion kit includes 12 organic filters in sleek glass tubes with real corks. The high quality filters include 3 premium varieties of whisky oak and 6 fresh botanicals and herbs. Whiskey chips come in three varieties: American Dream, American Sweetheart and Dark Chocolate. Organic botanicals include orange peel, cinnamon, chai mix, cocoa beans, coffee beans and bird’s eye chili. With all these filters included in one box, all you need is a bottle of neutral alcohol to infuse as a base. If you already have whisky at home, you can refine it by infusing more flavors into it.


Do Your Whisky Infusion Kit

do your whisky diy infusion kit box

In addition to the 12 organic filters, the infusion kit also includes 2 empty glass bottles to contain your very own infusion. The kit also comes with a high-grade funnel made of stainless steel to help you with your alcohol-infusion journey. It also comes with a recipe book to help you get started with your concoctions. For starters, you can follow the recipe to learn the entire process. When you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can go a little more creative and experiment with your own recipe.

do your whisky diy infusion kit


do your whisky infusion kit


diy wine concoction kit

To let you enjoy your perfectly chilled creation in its purest form, the kit also comes with 6 stainless steel ice cubes. Mix the ingredients and find the perfect match for the ultimate flavor of your dreams. Then personalize your creation by using the enclosed labels, don’t forget to sign your batch to make it your own. And if you’re confident with your creation, you can invite your friends for a tasting party to show off your very own whisky.

wine diy infusion kit


diy whiskey glass bottles


diy wine concoction kit cocktail mixing

Let us remind you that the infusion kit doesn’t come with any liquor. So, you’ll need to have a bottle of rectified spirit to get you started. Furthermore, the kit comes in a fancy box making it an ideal gift.

do your whisky diy infusion kit ingredients


do your whisky diy infusion kit organic filters

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