Now You Can Store Your Essentials Right On Your Head Thanks To These Fanny Pack Hats

No one can simply go out empty-handed, right? Whether you go for a jogging or just go for a leisure stroll, there’s something that you can’t live without. And you have to bring these stuffs with you wherever you go. It may be your keys, credit card, IDs, or some cash; you never can tell when you need them. That’s why we always carry these essentials with us all the time. However, putting our stuff in our pockets, wallets, or purses can be a hassle sometimes. Well, consider this problem solved. The Cap-Sac fanny pack hat has a zipper pocket right on the front to hold your essentials and bring them with you anywhere.

fanny pack cap pink


This practical fanny pack hat has an adjustable Velcro closure so one size fits all. Aside from its handy fanny pack,  Cap-Sac also takes pride of its wide array of color selections to choose from. Most of the designs are inspired by the 80s and 90s retro fashion featuring bright neon colors. You’ll surely make heads turn with this vibrant-hued fanny pack hat. But if you prefer to mellow it down a bit, there are also basic colors such as black, gray, and white. Each hat is made of soft crinkled nylon for a more retro look. Plus, the fabric material is water-resistant so you can use it in all types of weather condition. When not in use, simply fold the hat into a pouch and store it in your pocket.

cap-sac fanny pack hat neon green


cap-sac fanny pack hat orange blue


cap-sac fanny pack hat pink zipper pocket


cap-sac fanny pack hat multicolored


cap-sac fanny pack hat foldable


cap-sac fanny pack hat black


cap-sac fanny pack hat for men and women



cap-sac fanny pack hat pink green yellow

If you’re uncomfortable with covering your entire head with a hat, you can opt of the fanny pack visor instead. It also has a zipper pocket right on the front of the visor-cap and adjustable closure to fit all sizes.

cap-sac fanny pack visor purple

“Exactly what I was looking for and what it looked like in the picture. Love that it was Velcro to adjust to fit your head. The bill of the hat even flips up which is awesome. Everyone loved my hat.”

cap-sac fanny pack hat retro

Both are available today. So get your fanny pack hat or fanny pack visor before they sell out! These retro-themed hats are not just practical but fashionable as well. You can walk into any party wearing this trendy hat and blow their minds.  One satisfied buyer wrote:

Check out the Cap-Sac Fanny Pack Hat Rap video below