The Natural History Museum Has Dressed Their T-Rex In A Giant Christmas Sweater For The Holidays

Despite its tacky design, the ugly Christmas sweater is still the most favorite holiday apparel item for all ages. It wasn’t long before these gaudy knitted jumpers hit the mainstream, thanks to pop culture and comedy. But there’s really nothing that can keep us warm, cozy, and in festive spirit than these garishly-colored jumpers.

Just in time for the holiday season, the Natural History Museum in London dressed up their most famous creature of all dinosaurs with a giant Christmas sweater fit for a T-Rex. Visitors was surprised to see the colossal animatronic T-Rex wearing a traditional holiday jumper. The custom-made jumper was made by the clothing company British Christmas Jumpers. It comes in navy blue color and festooned with dinosaurs and stellar Christmas motifs such as fir trees and snowflakes.


This Animatronic T-Rex Wears Ugly Christmas Sweater For The Holidays

The festive dinosaurs Christmas sweater is made from 100% recycled yarn featuring a blend of recycled cotton and recycled polyester from locally recycled plastic bottles. The museum collaborated with British Christmas Jumpers to outfit the largest attraction in the Dinosaur Encounter exhibition and get it ready for the Yuletide season. Measuring three-quarters the size of a real T-Rex, the clothing company revealed that this was their biggest piece so far.

“We’ve never done anything like this. My dad’s never done anything like this and he’s been in the business for 35 to 40 years,” explains Snahal Patel, director of British Christmas Jumpers. “It’s probably the biggest thing we’ve made and going forward into the future there are other big projects planned.”

The size isn’t the only hurdle the designers have to overcome. As you might have known, tyrannosaurus rex has relatively tiny arms which are ridiculously out of proportion to its enormous body. So the designers have to figure out how to make a Christmas sweater for a giant creature with the tiniest arms in the world. Furthermore, the custom-made jumper must be flexible enough to move with the motion-activated attraction.

Apparently, visitors loved the attraction even more with its ugly Christmas sweater on. The museum said that the jumper will either be recycled or donated to charity after the holiday. And the better news is – you can have the same jumper in kid’s size to make your dinosaur-loving kids merry this festive season.

Source: InstagramBritish Christmas Jumpers | NHMshop