You Can Now Neutralize Bad Fart Smells By Wearing Charcoal Underwear Pads

Farting is a natural process and we normally do it on the regular. As we all know it, the smell of fart is really unpleasant. In fact, it stinks a lot. Again, this is just normal. But the reeking smell of flatulence can be very embarrassing especially if there are other people around you. Holding back your fart is still possible but it could give you a lot discomfort. Well, you don’t have to hold your fart back any longer. These charcoal underwear pads will neutralize the smell of passing gas so you can fart without emitting any stinky odor.

charcoal underwear pads fart deodorizer

These charcoal underwear pads contain activated charcoal which can absorb odor from the air. As air passes through, the charcoal filters odor-causing elements and other impurities from the gas. Thus, eliminating the bad odor from the fart. Simply attach the thin strip on the outside of your underwear by using the adhesive strip, as shown on the image below. It is specifically designed to be thin in order to provide discreet comfort. The wearer would feel like nothing’s there.

charcoal underwear pads attach buttocks area

One of the great things about these flatulence deodorizers is that these strips are washable and reusable. Each pad measures 7 inches long and 5 inches wide that will comfortably fit panties or undies. Additionally, each pad comes with 10 pieces of double-sided adhesive tapes to allow multiple usages. Anyone can benefit from this fart odor neutralizer. There’s no need to hold back your fart anymore, no more embarrassment. An absolute life-saver especially for people with digestive disorder symptoms and uncontrollable flatulence.

charcoal underwear pads thin strips


charcoal underwear pads adhesive tape


charcoal underwear pads double sided tape


charcoal underwear pads 5 pack

You can get these charcoal underwear pads today in different pack sizes. Have a little peace of mind when you pass gas with these handy charcoal strips taped next to your buttocks area. One buyer wrote:

“They are life changing. My husband is a weightlifter so with all the protein and eggs, I couldn’t take it at bedtime when we were trying to relax anymore. We are so happy they actually work.”

Check out the video below to see how the flatulence deodorizer works