12 Adorable Yet Offensive Greeting Cards To Give To Your Enemies – Part 1


Greeting cards are usually designed to either send glad tidings on happy occasions, such as a birthday or anniversary, or to send condolences during hard times, such as when a family member passes away. But, we think there might be a gap in the market for offensive greeting cards designed to send bad tidings to folks you don’t like, or just as a form of banter with your friends. Phil Wall, aka Never Stay Dead, has designed a range greeting cards that feature cute illustrations but horrible sentiments, and we think they’re genius! Take a look at these twelve adorable yet offensive greeting cards to give to your enemies. 

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Sorry, but all babies are ugly, no matter how cute you think yours is.


Wow. We mean, we’d probably rather you didn’t but thanks for asking.


What a horrifying sentiment.


Gee, did you really have to bring our faces into this?!


At least you get a warning.


But… but… sharing is kind.


Oh. Oh, okay.


Why would you do that to us, bunny?


This is way too true.


Well, we’re going to have to cry ourselves to sleep.


Dang! Not even our mom?!


Wow. Alright, then.

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