These Ghost Edition Tequila Bottles Are Perfect For Those Spooky Halloween Movie Nights

Booze is the life of the party. And for your Halloween party, these Ghost Edition Tequila bottles are sure to delight and spook your guests at first sight. Unlike the regular clear glass bottles that look so boring, this one is obviously dressed up for the spooky season. This Halloween-themed liquor container comes in the form of a white ghost with an anguished, screaming expression that reminds us of Ghostface in the Scream series.

The 750-ml bottle presents a unique look that would get you showing it off to your guests at the party. This Ghost Edition Tequila bottle comes with a matching white lid to keep it securely sealed when not in use and to keep the spirits inside. But it’s not just the look that can pep up the Halloween party. This unique bottle contains 40% ABV reposado tequila featuring a perfect blend of agave and barrel.


Ghost Edition Tequila Bottles

ghost edition tequila bottles halloween

Reposado is a type of tequila that is matured in oak barrel for 2 months to 12 months. The slight amount of aging softens the liquor while giving it a distinct wood flavor. This Ghost Edition Tequila is aged in American oak for 6 months. Distilled in Mexico, it has a smooth flavor and notes of cinnamon and sweet honey. It’s perfect for margarita, Paloma, tequila sunrise, bloody Mary, and other cocktails. Or you can sip it on its own straight up, chilled, or on the rocks.

gran agave ghost edition tequila bottles

Shots or drinks, you can never go wrong with this mellow tequila. Of course, the Ghost Edition bottles are a huge bonus. The spooky design also makes them eye-catching decorations for Halloween. And if you’re looking for a holiday gift for your booze-loving friends, this should do the trick (and treat).



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Source: Total Wine