13 Common Super Bowl Party Fails All Hosts Want To Avoid


Throwing a party can be a pretty stressful event. You need to make sure you have enough food and drink to last the whole time. You also have to consider whether you have enough seats to accommodate the amount of people you're inviting. And, don't get us started on whether people will get on! Yes, parties are fraught with potential disaster and Super Bowl ones are even more nerve-wracking as passions are be understandably high. But, they can be worth it and a lot of fun, if done right! Take a look below at 13 common super bowl party fails and make sure you know how to avoid them!


There is no greater sin than running out of alcohol!


You invite loads of people but forget that they all need to sit somewhere!



The person who designates eating/non-eating areas and cleans up around everyone constantly must be stopped!


Passing out and missing the whole thing!


Your grill stops working so you end up missing all the action as you're sitting outside cooking on your tiny camping alternative. Sad times.


Hazards where drunk people leave food in the oven!


You have no idea what's going on and you keep asking about the rules over and over.


When you complain the volume is up too high during the game but you crank it right up during the halftime show!


You may think your fruit platter looks awesome however nobody else cares. 


Wearing the jersey of a team that's not even in the Super Bowl. What?


Whatever you do, don't invite this type of guy and let's face it, we all know one or two people like this!


Going on and on about how great your awful team used to be years ago!


Letting kids run riot during the game!

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