Cruise Through Town In A Hot Tub On Wheels Thanks To The Music City Party Tub

Nashville has been the home of awesome party vehicles. There’s the premier beer bike Pedal Tavern that allows you to pedal while sipping your favorite beer. And there’s the world-famous Honky Tonk Party Express Bus that allows you to party hard in open air while cruising the streets of Nashville. Indeed, these ‘transportainments’ have turned Nashville into a big bachelorette party. Regardless of their forms, Nashville’s party buses allow you to do one thing – to party and booze while enjoying the sights of the city’s hottest neighborhoods. Now, there’s a new addition to Nashville’s assemblage of party buses. But this time, it has a surprising inclusion that you can’t find in other party buses. Introducing the Music City Party Tub. This party vehicle is literally a hot tub on wheels. So, you can sight-see while being submerged in a water tub.

music city party tub

Of course, you can drink all you want on a BYOB basis. You can party in your bikini or swim trunks. Bring your favorite floater, wine glasses, or anything that can make a tub party merrier. The vehicle can accommodate up to 14 guests but the hot tub can only contain 6 individuals at a time. If you prefer to cool down while sightseeing, you can opt for a cool tub instead. They’ll gladly change the tub temperature according to your liking. The addition of the tub makes the Music City Party Club ideal for any type of party. Not to mention, summer is fast approaching. And before we know it, summer parties will be everywhere. So, why not make the most out of summer by chilling out on a tub on wheels?

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music city party tub nashville

Now, here’s the million dollar question. How much will it cost to tour downtown Nashville in a relaxing water tub? The rate depends on the day of tour. For Tuesday through Thursday, the ride will cost $400. Friday and Saturday rides cost $480 and Sunday rides start at $425 (prices may vary during holidays). Take note that the rate applies to a 10-guest reservation only. You will have to pay an additional fee of $15 for every extra guest if you exceed the 10-guest policy. Each ride lasts 105 minutes so you’ll have enough time to finish all your cocktails before the tour ends. You can book for a ride on Music City Party Tub website. But before you can make a reservation, you need to download a waiver and let it be signed by your guests prior to boarding.


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