These Barrel Bar Stools Are Perfect For Any Rustic Home Bar

I think we can all agree that setting up a home bar at your place is a major milestone. After all, who wouldn’t love to have their favorite booze ready for pouring after a difficult day? The bottles you line up on the shelves are undoubtedly the stars of your home bar. However, you can’t discount how the furniture you use can make or break your sacred drinking spot. There are thousands of home bar furniture designs for us to choose from. But barrel bar stools will never go out of style.

Distillers typically use barrels to age wine, tequila, bourbon and whiskey for a couple months to several years. But, the barrels are only used once. This is because using a used barrel won’t yield a consistent taste and consistency is very important for spirits. So once it has served its purpose, the distillery will then dispose of the used casks. Fortunately, a lot of creative and inventive folk have come up with (literally) hundreds of ways to reuse, recycle, repurpose and upcycle the casks. Wine Enthusiast, for one, have turned the vessel into rustic yet chic barrel bar stools.

wine enthusiast reclaimed tequila barrel bar stools
Wine Enthusiast


These barrel bar stools will make a great addition to any rustic-themed home bar

Wine Enthusiast made their barrel bar stools from reclaimed white oak tequila barrels. Their one-of-a-kind, reclaimed stools were made with the intention of helping conserve the planet’s natural resources. And what better way to contribute to the cause than by turning the used cask into something folks will love showing off and using?

Instead of simply using the barrel as the chair’s base like most reclaimers do, Wine Enthusiast has instead chosen to highlight the barrel’s distinctive pattern by utilizing it as the chair’s backrest. Bar stools don’t usually have backrests, but let’s get real: it’s better to relax when there’s something you can lean on! In addition to this, Wine Enthusiast has decided to preserve the unique colors that the barrels have developed from the time it was used for ageing tequila with protective varnish.

customer photo of reclaimed tequila barrel bar stools
Wine Enthusiast

To make your sitting experience as comfortable as possible, Wine Enthusiast have fitted their reclaimed tequila bar stools with a plush leather interior. The stool is supported by a cast iron base that’s guaranteed to be sturdy and pleasing to the eyes at the same time. Each stool weighs about 88lbs and can only be ordered per piece. Wine Enthusiast’s reclaimed tequila barrel bar stools initially came out in September 2017. They’re currently unavailable on Amazon but we’re hoping they have new stock coming in soon.


This mid century barrel bar set is a good alternative if you can’t wait for Wine Enthusiast to re-release their stools

midcentury whiskey barrel bar table and stools

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