This Personal Alarm Is A Multi-Purpose Self-Defense Tool To Help Get You Out Of An Emergency Situation

Abduction and kidnapping remain a real threat to people worldwide, particularly to children and women. This is why it’s crucial to carry a self-defense device all the time, especially when you’re going out by yourself. Pepper spray and a personal alarm are two of the most commonly used self-defense tools. But if you prefer to deter an attacker rather than to counterattack then alarms are for you. And while you can get a simple device that emits a loud siren, why not go for an alarm that can offer more than just a loud sound?

We’ve found this multi-purpose self-protection tool that works 3 ways. It is a safety alarm, a glass breaker and a seat belt cutter. This handy tool has a strike tip cap that you can also use as a defense weapon. When you remove the angled tip, the device gives off an extremely loud sound to amplify your call for help. Its 140 dB siren will attract attention and it can be heard up to 600 feet away. Attackers usually flee at the sound of a loud alarm for fear of getting caught. The siren keeps going as long as the tip cover is removed. Simply put the tip cover back to stop the alarm.


Personal Alarm Device With Glass Breaker And Seat Belt Cutter

multi-purpose personal alarm device

Apart from its security alarm feature, this multi-purpose self-defense tool also has a glass breaker hidden within the angled tip. The super sharp glass breaker is made of hardened steel that can break tempered glass, giving you a chance to escape from a vehicle in case of an abduction. Additionally, it comes with a razor-sharp blade located at the other end of the device. This blade can cut a seat belt if you ever find yourself trapped.

3-in-1 self-defense tool


self-defense tool pull ring


multi-purpose self-defense tool

This portable device has a key ring attachment at the seat belt cutter and a pull ring attachment at the angled tip. It comes with a key ring and pull ring to let you conveniently clip the device onto your belt, purse, bag and other straps. It also comes with an elastic strap band so you can attach pepper spray to it for supplementary safety measures.

personal alarm self-defense tool parts


personal alarm with seat belt cutter


multi-purpose self-defense tool with seat belt cutter

The device needs 3 LR44 batteries (included) and the battery compartment on the back is secured by a screw. It measures 5 inches long and 1.62 inches wide featuring a compact design which makes it easier for kids to carry with them. Plus, it comes in a wide range of colors to choose from. There are some floral patterns for women, camouflage patterns for men and rainbow patterns for kids.

battery powered self-defense tool


personal alarm self-defense tool colors


“The sound is so loud it’s great. I love having the added seat belt cutter and window punch.”, a satisfied buyer wrote. “This product is easy to use and makes me feel much safer walking in the parking garage after getting off work when working a late shift.”, another buyer wrote.

personal alarm with glass breaker


multi-purpose self-defense device

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