This Bat And Shield Nightstand Is Perfect For When You’re In Need Of Quick Self-Defense

It’s always wise to keep your guard up even while you’re sleeping. This Bat and Shield Nightstand is a bedside table that also doubles as a practical self-defense weapon. You never know when danger could strike. You could be attacked on the street, in an isolated place or even in your own home. Danger also arrives when you least expect it. Most of the time intruders find the perfect time to attack, usually when you’ve let your guard down. In other words, home intrusions usually occur while you’re sleeping.

In a dire situation it’s crucial to be aware of the danger. But you should also consider the opportunity to defend yourself and fight back. We’ve featured plenty of self-defense accessories such as llama pepper spray, the coin purse bat and the stun gun gloves. But, there is the possibility that an intruder could sneak into the house at night. So, we scoured the internet to find a helpful self-defense weapon that anyone can easily access right out of bed. And we found this nightstand that perfectly fits the bill.


Bat And Shield Nightstand

bat and shield nightstand

This bedside table may look like a modern piece of furniture. Although it is a functional table, the components can be taken apart to be used as defensive and offensive tools. When detached from the table, the single leg acts as a bat that you can swing against the attacker. The table surface, on the other hand, acts as a shield to help you protect yourself from possible assaults. To separate the bat from the shield, simply pull up the surface with your feet by stepping on the base.

bedside table self-defense accessories


bat and shield nightstand components


bat and shield nightstand dimensions

Underneath the table surface is a pair of staples to help you hold the shield securely on your arm. When used as a bedside table, the handles can be used to organize cables to reduce clutter. The nightstand is made from varnished bamboo which is very strong and durable. Its aesthetic design compliments both male and female bedrooms.

self-defense weapon bedside table leg


bedside table self-defense weapon


bat and shield nightstand furniture

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