Viktorija Started Doodling About Her Life While In Quarantine And After 113 Days It Covered The Entire Wall

As the pandemic lockdown begins to ease and people begin to come out from self-quarantine, we can’t help but look back at the uncertain times when we were confined inside our homes for days. London-based artist Viktorija documented her life in quarantine by drawing doodles on a wall in her home. By using only a pen and a paintbrush, she recorded all that had transpired on her daily life since the quarantine began.

As an artist, Viktorija is known for her hand-painted ceramics and charming greeting cards. In fact, you can find her creations up for sale on her Etsy shop. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown, she was forced to take a break from her usual routine. But she didn’t let the hiatus stop her from practicing her artistic skills. Instead of drawing on ceramic pots and cards, she decided to decorate a wall in her home with drawings. On the wall, she illustrated her day-to-day life starting from day 1 of her quarantine.


Artist Draws Doodles On Her Wall To Document Her Daily Life In Quarantine

On her Instagram page, she explained that the project served as her visual diary. Her drawings for Day 1, for example, showed everything she did for the entire day. It includes waking up at 8 am with a cup of coffee, cooking eggs for breakfast, creating 3 new pots, updating her Instagram page, spending time with her cat, playing chess at 5 pm and much more.


Day 1

She continued drawing on Day 2. She said on the caption that it was her nephew’s birthday that day. So, she went on to draw a birthday cake along with birthday hats and confetti. She even drew what she ate that day along with other activities such as cleaning, reading mail, making pots and taking care of her cat.


Day 2

For Viktorija, the drawings on the wall isn’t just a mere distraction to keep herself occupied in isolation. But more importantly, the wall artwork serves as an artistic journal which keeps a daily record of the most unforgettable days of her life. The artist kept on sketching on the wall for days and months. When the lockdown was finally lifted 113 days after, the entire wall was already completely covered with fascinating drawings.


“I always wanted to do a painting on that wall, so once the quarantine started, it happened naturally,” she says. “I worked on it every day without knowing how many days it would take to finish it, and after 113 days it was finally done.”

Take a look at the progression of her project on the photos below.


Day 113: Doodles Project Completed

Source: Etsy shop | Instagram page