Detect Movement In Your Pool With A Pool Alarm

Having your own pool in your backyard is a great luxury. However, having a pool also comes with potential risks especially if you have toddlers and pets around. You can reduce these risks by using a reliable pool alarm. Young children can drown in as little as an inch or two of water and there have been several cases of toddlers drowning in backyard pools.  Keep in mind that swimming pools have a powerful pull on small children and pets too. A split-second negligence can result to a tragic accident that will make you regret for the rest of your life. This is why pool safety measures should be observed at all times. Supervision is strictly required and you should never leave your kid or pet alone near the pool, not even for a split-second.

poolguard inground pool alarm unit

But supervision alone is not enough to ensure your kid’s safety. It is also crucial to use pool safety equipment such as enclosures and a pool alarm. Remember, it is better safe than sorry. If you’re not comfortable with enclosures, you can opt for safety alarm systems instead. This pool alarm, for example, is designed to notify you through sound alarms when it detects drastic movement in an unsupervised pool. It comes with an in-house remote receiver that gives off alarm sounds in 85 decibel at 10 feet. Furthermore, the remote receiver has a range of up to 200 feet. You won’t have to worry about false alarms because its new sensor technology will not give off sound alarms due to win, rain, or small objects entering the pool.

poolguard pool alarm

Aside from the pool alarm unit and the remote receiver, the product also includes a power supply, reset/sleep key, a handle, and a user manual. This pool safety unit is made from sturdy plastic, designed to withstand water environment. So, how does this pool alarm work? The unit has a sensor which projects into the water. Simply install the unit onto the side of the pool and drape the other end into the water. Make sure that the sensing throat is approximately 4 inches in water. It runs on a 9-volt battery (not included) that should last for one year. When battery life is running low, the remote receiver will give off an indicator sound. Plus, the unit’s tamper-proof sensor will trigger the receiver to sound an alarm when someone tries to remove the unit from the pool.

poolguard pool alarm unit

Keep in mind that the device cannot be deactivated once installed in the pool. If you want to use your pool, simply remove the pool alarm and set it into sleep mode. Before you leave the pool, install the device back and it will automatically wake up and run a system test. This pool guard can be used with solar blankets on the pool and is suitable for pools up to 20 by 80 feet.

poolguard pool alarm unit solar cover

Protect your loved ones from the dangers of drowning in the pool with this dependable pool alarm unit. Get this pool security device here and have peace of mind all the time. You can get it in a pack of 1 or 4 and take advantage of the product’s 3 year warranty. A satisfied customer wrote:

“If you have a pool, you must purchase this item. Pros: peace of mind, loud alarm, works exactly as it should, price was competitive with similar items, easy to use but not easy enough for a child who is not of swimming age to figure out, does not require being screwed into concrete, is not an eye sore, alarm sounds inside and outside your home. Cons: none!”

Check out the installation video below